Club Dinner and talk

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 19:30
École hôtelière de Genève, Avenue de la Paix

Once again, the engaging students at this École Hôtelière served us with a meal that was up to their usual high standards. After dinner, club member Henri Rueff outlined the complexities of living in the high and/or dry places that form about half of the landmass that covers a third of the surface of our planet: "Food security, climate change, and people in deserts and high altitude mountains: why should we care?" Using case studies mainly in Mongolia and Pakistan, Henri explained how customary lifestyles are threatened by climatic and institutional changes, as well as the venality of some governments and landlords. Nevertheless, climate-smart agriculture is offering interesting prospects for adaptation in these resource-scarce lands.

Organised by Peggie Rimmer