SolarStratos- Dinner 11 October 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 19:00
Château de Penthes, Pregny

There was a good turn-out of over 50 members and guests at the Château de Penthes. All enjoyed a fine meal and excellent conversation followed by a presentation of the SolarStratos project by its CEO, Roland Loos. This Yverdon-based enterprise aims to fly a solar-powered aircraft into the stratosphere- “to the edge of space”- to prove it can be done in a man powered craft, and to create a platform for future commercial spin-offs, such as surveillance drones powered by solar energy which are able to remain aloft for long periods.

On a previous adventure, the pilot and initiator of the project, Raphaël Donjon, navigated his solar-powered boat PlanetSolar around the world. Then he needed a life-jacket. This time he will be relying on a cosmonaut's life-supporting spacesuit. The project's technical challenges and the formidable human adventure involved inspired numerous questions. A future powered only by renewable energy, even in the skies, now really seems within reach.

You can follow the progress of the project via this link

After the lively question and answer session, Club President, Simon Roper, thanked the organisers and gave a Vote of Thanks to Mr. Loos on behalf of the Club.

Organised by Max Bishop and Philip Selby.”