Joint Business Networking event

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 19:00
Brasserie des Halles de l'Ile

"Business networking. Hmm. Sounds important for me. But it also sounds so formal and tough to do."

If you find yourself saying this to yourself, you are not alone. Even for the most extroverted, it can be hard to enter a room where you don’t know anyone and strike up a conversation. But with a few tricks and tips, it can be different. The university Alumni associations are having their first business networking event and The Renegade Saints improv team will be assisting. They will make the process of sharing ideas, making connections and breaking the ice fun. They are experts at creating something from nothing and you will come away from the event with more than just a few creased up business cards in the back of your wallet.

Spaces will be limited, sign up on:

This event will be held jointly with Harvard, Yale, and McGill.

Questions: Vicky Kay