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The Club is intended for former undergraduate and post graduate members of Oxford or Cambridge who obtained degrees from either university. In most cases, members will have matriculated when beginning their study and will have become full members of one of the University colleges.

Those who have studied for external or part-time Diploma courses will not generally qualify. The Club maintains good links with other Alumni groups, such as the Oxford Business Alumni Network (which welcomes those who studied at The Said Business School but did not matriculate) and occasionally arranges joint events with them.

The Articles of Association of the Club also allow applicants with strong connections with the Universities to apply to the Committee for special consideration to become members. Please contact the membership secretary if you wish to know more.

The membership fee is CHF 25 per calendar year, including the year in which you join, or CHF 250 for lifetime membership. Payment instructions:

If you would like to join, please fill in the following form.

For verification purposes, details provided in this application may be shared with Oxford/Cambridge University Alumni Office.

The new GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on May 25 2018

It applies to clubs such as ours and requires us to inform you of the personal details we hold and how we use them.

We hold your name, address and/or email address, phone number, university, college, date of matriculation and course details in a database that is maintained by the Membership Secretary.
We use this information for the purpose of approving new applications as well as communicating news of upcoming events etc.

None of these details will be released to any other organisation. However, as mentioned on our website, details provided on the application form may be shared with the Oxford/Cambridge University Alumni Offices, for verification purposes. Your details are held in a protected file accessible only to the officers of the club.